How to use the tool?

This tool has been designed to generate conversation and support leaders to make important culture changes within their working environments. This may include leaders of whole organisations and of specific teams who want to improve safeguarding against all types of harm, including sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment.

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The tool has 6 sections: accountability; policies and processes; do no harm/safer programming; survivor-centred approach; awareness-raising; and safer recruitment and HR processes. Each section is broken down into behaviours that support a positive safeguarding culture and includes suggested questions for discussion and actions to consider.

Each section should be completed separately and takes between 2 and 4 hours of discussion, an estimated total of approximately 20 hours. We don’t recommend attempting to complete the whole tool in one session, but deciding on which one to start with. After discussing a particular behaviour, you can decide on priority actions and who will be accountable for these within your team. At the end of each session you can download your action plan. The leadership tool is not a one-off tool. We recommend repeating this exercise at regular intervals (e.g. annually) to account for people leaving or joining the team or organisation, and new issues potentially emerging over time, which could otherwise remain unaddressed.

The role of the facilitator

One person should own the role of facilitator to run and conduct the session. While not essential, it is highly recommended to use an external facilitator, who can check and challenge your responses. An external facilitator could also help create a neutral environment for more open discussion and identify aspects of your culture you may not recognise.

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